Private kickboxing training in Santa Barbara at your home, office or gym

Increase strength, cardio, flexibility and build lean muscle through self defense and kickboxing techniques. Schedule a personalized session today.

Why Kickboxing?

A Complete Full Body Workout

Kickboxing is an intense workout that combines cardio, strength, flexibility, martial arts and endurance training. Expect to burn at least 1,000 calories in a one hour class. Workouts begin with a light warm up, then move into a deep stretch routine, pad work and technique, ending with conditioning. My workouts are rooted in muay thai and taekwondo so expect to learn self defense.

Who is it for?

Men, Women and kids of all ages and skill levels.

Beginner to Advanced Techniques

Classes are designed to teach you the fundamentals of kickboxing and incorporate technique progressions which lead you up to advanced techniques. All ages are welcome and zero prior kickboxing knowledge is required.


Functional Workouts

Keeping your mind and body engaged

Each class is designed to fit your individual fitness goals. No matter what level you are, you can expect to see results and improvement over time.

Each class is broken down into:

Cardio and Endurance0%
Strength Training0%
Flexibility & Mobility0%

Pad Work

Improve your technique and stamina with 30 min or 1 hour focus mitt and thai pad sessions. Advanced students can incorporate sparring and clynch techniques.

young woman throwing a elbow kickboxing muay thai personal training

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